Faqs About Horses

Horse riding is a unique sport, with a rich tradition of cavalry and hunting in Europe that dates back to the 18th century and which in part continues to be present in modern sport. Taking into account the great diversity of meteorological conditions in which it is practiced, it is necessary to have the appropriate equestrian clothing or horse clothing and horse accessories according to the conditions of each moment and place. Visit our online store for discount equestrian clothes and horse sets.

At Equine World equestrian shop in London, we offer the most appropriate equestrian clothing such as horse clothes, horse riding boots, in combination with horse riding stuff as well as horse equipment.

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Do you shop online for equine clothes? At Equine World, we have discount equestrian clothing that can be used for horseback riding. On the other hand, manufacturers of horse equestrian clothing are changing their traditional ideas by introducing more technical materials and more sporty styles.

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What equestrian clothing to buy


Make sure to put on several layers depending on the time of year you are riding. If you know that you will be riding in heavy rain or participating in a competition, you only need an outer layer for temporary protection, such as raincoats. They are not ideal for long-term use as they are not breathable, but they are perfect for heavy downpours. Also, do not miss on-ear syringe boots. Visit our equestrian clothing section for ideas.

Inner layer

Whether it’s summer or winter, start by setting on a base or inner layer. A running top wicks sweat provides some sun protection, is lightweight and breathable. Choose a long-sleeved shirt with the latest technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria in the fabric. This way, you will stay cooler for longer, which is perfect if you have to go shopping after riding and you do not want to be looked at strangely. Opt for horse clothes that feature lightweight underlays.

Middle layer

Depending on the temperature, make sure to always carry and wear a sweatshirt or a down jacket or vest. Sweatshirts are a must, along with the basic horse stuff. On the other hand, most horse clothing brands bring out a wool jacket or sweater every winter. They are warm, but also very light and cheap! Roll up in a small bag, so they are helpful to store in your car or with the rest of your horse equipment. Save with our discount equestrian clothing offer.

Outer layer

In equestrian clothing, it is imperative to check the degree of waterproofing and breathability if you will ride in rainy conditions because there is nothing worse than being wet and cold without being able to change! Depending on the climate you live in, you may want to get something with a waterproof rating of at least 5,000 millimeters. waterproof jackets can be found at outdoor activities, sports, ski wear, and equestrian clothing. It is a layer that you could use to put on a waterproof or windproof coat if necessary. In this sense, you will be interested in looking at the discount equestrian offers that we endorse.

Horse Riding Pants

Many brands of horse clothing are joining in on using sports fabrics in riding pants. Think something like yoga leggings but with silicone support for riding. These leggings and riding pants are hybrids. However, in colder weather, traditional riding pants are still the best option.
In this sense, many brands offer comfortable and stretchy fabrics, light years away from the elusive riding pants that were once made with polyester blends. Some brands also make horse riding pants that are waterproof and windproof, perfect for cold, wet days. Some of our favorites are available in the discount equestrian clothing section.


Look for gloves that are thin enough that you can feel the reins, strong enough that they won’t wear out in a month, and that provides enough grip so they won’t slip if it rains or the horse sweats. If you’re constantly glued to your phone, many brands offer touchscreen-compatible riding gloves. This way, you won’t have to remove your gloves when answering important calls or, even more importantly, check your Facebook profile. Look online equine for the offers that we have searched for you. Would you like to choose matching headcollar nameplates for your horse?

Horse Riding Boots

Due to the need to use specialized Horse boots for safety reasons, in this case, we cannot use other sports equipment. Look for ones that have a comfortable and firm foot bed because these boots are likely to be worn a lot, both on and next to your horse!
Styles have changed beyond the traditional black or brown, with blue or patent leather boots becoming increasingly popular. As with helmets, horse riding boots can be fully customized to suit the look you want and how much you are willing to spend. Check our discount equestrian section for huge savings on Horse bridles.

Compression horse clothing


Compression clothing is widely accepted in the sports community. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to support the theory that it helps muscle recovery and increases muscle oxygenation, which in theory will improve endurance and strength.


Compression garments are not widely used in the equestrian community yet but could be an area of ​​interest to manufacturers of horse riding clothing. Many athletes wear compression garments to recover, rather than during exercise. After a big competition, this could be an option for riders to prevent or minimize muscle soreness due to lactic acid build-up. 


With all these new technologies in sportswear, it is time for riders to start treating each other like true athletes. If we can stay calm, dry, safe, and comfortable, that will give us the best chance of performing at total capacity and helping our horses in harsh conditions.


Competition clothing


Almost all horse riding clothing brands have competition jackets made with waterproof, breathable, and machine washable fabrics, and they are well worth the investment! Also, some jackets can be fully customized to match the colors of the rest of your riding gear. Look for the best offers onrunning martingales well. 




Horse riding is a high-impact sport. Therefore, a proper sports bra is necessary to avoid pain, discomfort, and damage to the breasts. For girls, it doesn’t matter the size: a sports bra is a must. There are many studies on the effect that exercise has on the movement of the breasts and the pain and discomfort that this can cause. 


Some studies have shown that female breasts rise to 21 centimeters during exercise. And, 72% of women who exercise experience chest pain during physical activity. Now a yoga bra will not be firm enough for horse riding. Check online for equine clothing and accessories.


Horse Helmet


A necessary precaution when riding a horse is to wear a properly fitted riding helmet certified by the relevant approval authorities. In fact, on many occasions riding helmets are necessary even when being around horses.


In the same way that people buckle up in a car or plane or wear life jackets on boat trips to reduce the likelihood of a tragedy, wearing a helmet is proven to prevent or reduce injuries when riding a horse. A helmet can cost between £30 and £300, which is a bargain considering the potential cost of a head injury, as well as the possibility of it being permanent.


Since we play a sport with a high risk, we should try to minimize this risk whenever we can. Safety standards mandate that all helmets, regardless of cost, must pass the same standard safety tests. But if that is so, why is there so much variation in the price of helmets? The extra cost comes from the comfort, the technology used, the ventilation, and the style, which can cost a small fortune!


Your helmet must be comfortable, so try as many as you can before deciding. Also, check that the helmet meets the necessary standards for the discipline you practice.

Sun protection

It is vital to protect ourselves from the sun. Choose specific goggles for horse riding. These glasses provide UV protection and have a solid and flexible frame in the event of a fall. Another great invention is the sun visor, which provides 92% UV protection and is large enough to protect your face and neck, as well as clip onto your helmet. They are very stylish and practical, and if they are good enough for celebrities to wear, they are good enough for us all!

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