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Horse Boots

Faqs About Horse Boots

Are you looking for horse care horse boots to hold a hoof cure in position while the horse boots is in the paddock? Magnetic boots for horses are designed with a barefoot horse’s hoof protection in mind.

At Equine World UK, we have an assortment of riding boots such as bell boots for horses, long horse riding boots/ horse boots, brushing boots for horses, horse boots for jumping, and equine boots for horses. So now you can quickly choose the equine boots that best suit your horse.

Choose the best horse boots for humans: horse boots women’s, horse boots men’s

One of the fundamental attires for comfortable and safe riding is footwear. If we are starting and do not want to invest a large sum of money, we can start with horse boots for humans, be it leather or rubber, like the typical horse boots.


Horse boots types:

If we want to buy specific horse riding boots/ horse boots, then we have several alternatives. Knee-high boots: we can avoid snags with our mount. The heel is going to be another critical factor. Approximately 2.5 centimetres of heel would be ideal for holding the stirrups well and thus preventing our feet from sliding inwards and getting hooked.


Leather or plastic: The important thing is that the material is resistant. We could use both rubbers, plastic or leather horse riding boots/ horse boots. It is best to opt for leather, as well as to be much more comfortable. They adapt better to our feet.


Long horse riding boots/ horse boots with leggings: Long horse riding boots function as high-top boots, but many riders/ horse boots say long horse riding boots/ horse boots with gaiters are much more comfortable as they provide greater flexibility. The material is the same as the horse riding boots/ horse boot.

What are horse boots used for?


Horse boots or horse riding boots are designed with a barefoot horse’s hoof protection in mind. Your horse may be transitioning to barefoot and not yet ready to walk without shoes. Or may feel uncomfortable on particular floors and need shoes from time to time. For all these situations, there are ideal equine protective hoof horse boots for your horse.


How to choose the size of horse riding boots/ horse boots?


The first thing to keep in mind is how to choose the size of the riding boot correctly. There are many different types of horses, and of course, they have different hoof sizes. Consequently, there are different sizes of magnetic boots for horses, and it is essential to select the correct size for your horse. That way, the riding boots/horse boots fit perfectly, won’t rub against you or won’t come off as soon as you start walking. Only then will you obtain all the benefits of using horse riding boots/ horse boots for your horse.


  • The first thing is to measure the hoof of your horse.
  • Horse Boots are used for the four hooves. The horse boots are used for the duration of the work, and the rest of the time, the horse is barefoot.
  • It is better to measure feet and hands separately since the boots are sold individually or in pairs.
  • The length of the horse boots UK corresponds to the measurement from the leading edge to just in front of the heels.
  • And the width of the horse boots is measured by the width of the helmet for its middle (and most comprehensive) part.


Should I put boots on my horse?

Practising an equestrian sport not only involves knowing how to ride and understand the horse, But some horse boots and suitable equipment for this activity is also essential. To fully enjoy riding, and above all, not hurt ourselves, we must consider the type of essential horse boots, as it is one of the most important factors and cannot go unnoticed.


Why buy horse boots?

Being barefoot for the horse is the most natural and healthy thing to do. The equine hoof was designed by nature to cope with the semi-desert conditions of the steppe, this being its natural habitat, where the surface is usually complex and dry. However, in such conditions, the horse riding boots work!

The horse boots can cross any terrain without sensitivity, protection, and rider weight. Only the added weight of the rider can already represent a problem depending on which horses. In this case, choose horse boots that are well attached when going out for a walk!


Are magnetic boots for horses necessary?

horse boots  are the essential equipment that we must consider for riding, from equestrian clothing to the most necessary accessories such as magnetic boots for horses.

Why do horses use hoof boots?

  • Horses use hoof boots. However, this technique does not consist of removing the horseshoes, trimming a bit, and that’s it.
  • It is necessary to have an excellent knowledge of the hoof’s shape, its natural structures and how the hoof-weaving-circulation-joints work together to perform optimal care that allows the hoof to return to its natural shape and maximum functionality.
  • An adaptation time is also necessary. It is possible that the horse cannot perform (at least not comfortably or with the same performance) the work it has been doing.
  • So looking for better functionality of the hooves, greater welfare of the animal and a better adaptation to the terrain, many horses are removed from their shoes to start handling them with the so-called “Barefoot technique”.


What material are Horse Boots made of?

Horse Boots are made of steel in most cases, although there are some exceptions. Racehorses often wear aluminum shoes because they are lighter and work best when speed is the highest priority.

How are the magnetic boots for horses attached to the horse?

People who put boots on horses are called farriers. Farriers use nails to attach the shoe to the hoof with the help of  Farrier Tools.  Horses do not feel anything when fastening the horseshoe to the hoof. Once the nails go through the outer edge of the hoof, the farrier bends them to form a kind of hook. Then they will file down the remaining sharp tips and a portion of the helmet to ensure a good fit. As the hoof grows, it will eventually overlap the shoe, which lets you know when to put it back on.


What are tendon boots used for?

Tendon boots are one of the most requested horse boots to protect the inside of the legs. These riding boots are designed for the recovery of foot injuries. Its function is to contain a lower limb in sprains, fractures or other injuries that require supplementation of support and immobilization of the area.


How long do horse boots last?

The answer depends on several factors. Among the most decisive are the weight of the rider and the horse, the horse’s footprint, the work surface, the hours of work and the speed. Horse boots usually last 2-3 years for those who ride recreationally 2-3 times a week. An active rider who trains his horse almost daily can last 1 year to 1 and a half years.


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Horse boots are a specific type of footwear for horse riding. In Equine World UK, we have a wide variety of models and styles of  horse boots in different sizes so that you can find the one that best suits your style and your measurements. Discover  horse bridles and riding chaps and everything in saddlery & Tack.

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