Reins, Martingales & Breastplates

Reins, Martingales & Breastplates

Faqs About Reins, Martingales & Breastplates

The running martingale consists of a belt, one end attached to a circumference between our horse’s front legs. The other end is divided into two narrower belts with a ring attached to the end. The horse reins or running martingale go through these rings. The head strap is held by a strap around your horse’s neck. When your horse raises its head too high, the running martingale works through the bite on the layers of your horse’s mouth. Therefore, the longer you leave the martingale, the higher your horse can lift.

To achieve complete control of the horse during its training or gallop, you as a rider must never lose sight of the embouchure, and for that, you must have the running martingale  horse within your riding team. In addition, this accessory will allow you to improve the neck and head of the animal during the jump.

The horse reins are made of supple quality leather and are available in the colors brown and black. Leather is a beautiful and natural product with long service life. However, your leather must be properly cleaned and maintained. You should also regularly clean and hold your auxiliary leather reins. Use saddle soap and little water to clean. After drying your horse reins, you can keep them with leather balm or leather oil. This keeps your bridle friendly and flexible, and you will enjoy it for a long time.

The horse reins/ running martingale make it easier, especially for beginners in riding, to learn the correct seat in the saddle. The rider can concentrate with the auxiliary reins in the position that he should adopt, and the horse continues to cheer up anyway without dropping his neck. But horse reins are useful for beginners. Also, when training young horses, it is advisable to use auxiliary reins or work with a branch line.

Horse reins are available in various subcategories. For example, they constitute a direct connection of the saddle strap to the mouthpiece, thus simulating the reins. They are relatively stiff and, for this reason, should not be set too narrow. The running martingale is fixed with two rings to the reins. And is especially helpful in all those cases in which the horse pulls or presses upwards with the head. running martingale are used in most cases with breastplates. The German reins/ running martingale are attached to the saddle, run through the bridles, and end in the rider’s hand. Only very experienced riders should use them to correct a poorly trained horse to the saddle.

What Running Martingales is about:

The running martingale for horses will teach you to educate your equine when riding it. However, you will surely do without its use in a short time because the animal will quickly adjust its head to the correct position during the jump if you use the appropriate techniques during the dressage.

Did you search “Equestrian shop near me”? At Equine World, we have a variety of running martingales for horses so that you can buy the correct one. You will also have the advice of horse riding experts to use it correctly. We have set out to select the best leather reins that are of great use to our customers. That is why we present to you the ones that we consider relevant at the time of use. If you get braided leather reins/ running martingale, these are some of our customers’ styles and designs most sought after and requested. In addition, we have the best discounts on the market.

Here is more information about running martingale horses:

With the excellent use of the reins, you will have correct control of the running martingale for the horse, and you will correct the equine posture. In Equine World, you will get a wide range of running martingale, pony martingale, cob martingale, breastplates. And, also if you have been looking for a brown martingale in various excellent quality materials and recognized brands. Get the best quality Horse bridles UK from equine world for your horses

Types of Martingales for Horses:

Slider: this is a strip used from the circumference and divided at the end into two parts. At the end of each strap, two rings will serve to adjust the reins. It is more flexible, and its primary function is exercised between the horse’s mouth and the rider’s hands.

Fixed: this is shorter than the previous one. It is adjusted from the cinch, placed in front of the two front legs, and secured on the neck strap with rubber stops. It prevents head butting and the animal from raising its head a lot.

Irish: this type, like the others, has two rings but is separated by a small piece of leather. It consists of an approximate strip of about 15 cm. It is placed between the mouth and the neck. It is used mainly in racing horses, young or irritable temperament.

Martingale Bib: it is used mainly in foals, thoroughbred horses, or those with a huge head. It has two rings attached to a piece of leather whose primary function is to prevent the ends of these rings from getting entangled with the horse’s mouth.
Attached loose earwigs: it is made up of two simple long straps with two rings to adjust the reins and its carabineer.

Fixed adjustable martingales: get them in various types of fine leather, and for greater comfort in their placement, it comes with adjustable straps.

Elastic earwigs: they are standard slides but made of flexible material to adjust more quickly to any size of the horse.

Rubber stoppers for martingale: their function is to prevent the buckles of the horse reins from getting tangled in the rings.

Supports martingale rein: The running martingale is often used as an auxiliary rein. This helper is especially popular for jumping.

Use and function of leather reins and bridles:

The primary function of the horse bridle is to direct it through the handling of the reins. So that the rider does not complicate to lead the horse wherever. Without these, the horse can not be controlled.

Breastplates in Equine World

Horse armor is a particular type of armor that is given to a horse to equip it. It has infinite durability and can be found in dungeons and Nether fortresses, Desert Temple chests, and abandoned chest wagons.

Horse Running Martingales or Breastplates

When it comes to preventing the saddle from rolling, we find martingale better. The functional and practical association of a hunting collar with a running martingale is to please those who practice outdoor and off-road driving.

When do we use Breastplates?

A breastplate is a chest circumference used by both English and Western riders. It is a thick strap that surrounds the chest, secured to the rim. Some designs have a second strap that goes over the shoulders and prevents it from sliding up and down.

In the English countryside, breastplates are seen in hunters and jumpers. Some people believe that they give the horse more freedom of movement than a full cuirass.

Westerners call breastplates a chest collar and generally secure it to the top of the fenders, but it is essentially the same thing and serves the same purpose.

What is the difference between a running martingale and breastplates?

The running martingale, generally used for jumping, prevents the horse from raising its head. Also, the running martingale creates a corner at the reins when the horse raises its head anyway, allowing the bit to work down the layers and not the less sharp corners of the mouth.

We suggest using adjustable breastplates combined with running martingales during training or competition to help the horse better position its head. In addition, the use of these horse reins improves the balance of the horse when overcoming obstacles. It allows it to adopt the appropriate attitudes, in particular, to position the head correctly.

What length reins do I need?

For a standard horse, the running martingales should measure between 132 and 152 centimeters. For ponies, the probable measurements are 122 and 137 centimeters.

How Much Do Reins Cost?

At Equine World, one of the leading horse shops in the UK, our high-quality, durable leather reins start from as low as £11.00- £69.

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