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Products that are recognized worldwide for their quality can be found under one roof at Equine World. Our team will advise you to choose the best Farrier chaps apron, chaps boot, even farrier tools for different functions. Find all the necessary clothing and tools for the supreme farrier.

At Equine World, we have a wide variety of Farrier Chaps, aprons, waterproof aprons, chaps boots, and farrier tools available from the best manufacturers and at the best price. Here’s more information on Farrier & Chaps.

Buy Farrier Chaps Apron in Suede Leather

Farrier Chaps are sturdy coverings for the legs. Chaps fit over trousers with an integrated belt, have no seat. These aprons are designed to protect the legs and are generally made of leather or a leather-like material.

Our Farrier Chaps are designed to protect the legs and are generally made of suede leather or a similar material. In this section, you will find leather, suede, waterproof apron or waxed chaps and chaps boots for the supreme quality rider. We have a wide range of Chaps endorsed by leading brands that you can only find in the Equine World store.

Learn more about chaps and ride-on chaps aprons

Farrier Chaps aprons allow you to transform your boots into riding boots by fitting over boots and riding breeches to cover the rider’s calf and lower leg up to the knee. Therefore, these aprons are used in combination with riding boots and offer the rider protection of the ankles and calves against friction due to the saddle and provide stability and support for the lower leg.

Chaps and boots are a perfect alternative to riding boots and are very popular with cyclists, not only because of the more affordable price than riding boots but also because of the ease of use and strength. In the hot summer months, chap boots are famous for their lightness and are more flexible than riding boots. Therefore, the jockey can remove them at the end of the session to avoid getting too hot and avoid damaging them during tasks in the stable.

All Chaps have knife pockets on both sides.

There are many models of chaps that adapt to all jockeys and all circumstances. Leather Farrier aprons offer superior quality and are often used by experienced jockeys and, for example, for show jumping competitions. Faux leather chaps apronis very easy to maintain and offer the same look as leather chaps. They are ideal for amateurs because of their very affordable price, which allows them to be renewed periodically and ease maintenance. They are also less fragile than genuine leather chaps, which are especially suitable to get them dirty in winter.

The chapshave an elastic loop that is placed under the rider’s sole to prevent them from slipping and climbing while riding. In addition, these aprons have a zipper at the back of the cut to facilitate the closure of the chaps, and they are effortless to put on. A snap button secures the closure and prevents friction from scratching the saddle.

Tip: When taking lower leg measurements for riding hubs, consider the thickness of the riding breeches and socks so that the bushings fit well.

Discover our wide assortment of Farrier Chaps aprons in the Equine World store at the best price. 

We put different types of designs for all tastes and pockets at your disposal. If you do not find the product you are looking for, contact us – we will always try to leave you satisfied. 

Buy Farrier tools and kits.

When it comes to shoeing your horses, you have to have the best products on the market so that the animal is not subjected to any stress or pain and the process is as clean as possible. In Equine World, you will get the complete Farrier toolskits for shoeing horses on the market.

Find out more about our Horse Farrier tools below.

The first thing you must have to shoe your equine well is that person specialized in that art, usually called blacksmiths, and then have a good Horse Farrier kit for shoeing horses. The blacksmith’s job consists of removing the shoe to be removed, cleaning the hoof, removing the excess with pliers, sanding the irregularities on the sides, placing the new shoe in position, nailing it, fixing the nails. And, at that point cut the part that protrudes from the nails so that they do not interfere when galloping.

Although it does not look that difficult, shoeing a horse is a process that requires patience because not all animals tend to stay calm and because it is a process that must be repeated four times, which can cause a certain degree of nervousness and restlessness in the horse.  To do this job without any hassle, before you start, you need to have the Farrier tools, including the shingle brush for cleaning studs, the farrier hammer, the shoeing tongs, the knife, and other items. In addition, you must have selected the horseshoes in advance and have already bought the new nails.

At Equine World, you can buy a complete Farrier tools kit on the market, always from the best brands and at the best price.

The most common are the 6-piece kits and being the best sellers in the world of equestrianism. These usually come with a hammer, rasp, pliers, an adjustable handle for the rasp and a blade to cut the hooves. They also come in seven or more pieces, although there are also elementary kits of four.

Buy your Tools from Professionals

Some people also use anvils, various blades, studs, pads, and many items available at Equine World. In the same way, you can request help from the farrier who will carry out the operation or from the specialists who will be able to assist you without any commitment.

Pliers and hammers can also be purchased separately.

If you already purchased the Farrier tools kit and need to replace a tool due to loss, damage or wear and tear. Do not miss out on your essential equipment or devices for shoeing horses, which you can take with you everywhere with the bag of tools for the farrier and which serves to work comfortably and efficiently.

Get the best for your horse. 

Discover all the tools for shoeing horses, all the horseshoeing equipment you need, or a professional or a beginner. We have all the products to be able to do the complete process of horseshoeing.

The items that we have selected focused on horseshoeing, such as external horseshoe fixers, fixers between horseshoe and hoof, and a selection of caps and heels, is the basis we work on daily. We have all the necessary equipment for farrier tools, such as anvils, rasps, or a wide variety of hammers and curettes.

As for farrier chaps, different materials and sizes make our catalogue a complete section, both for those who work with tools and without them. As a supplier of the farrier, aprons and chap boots, we cannot forget that we work with excellent qualities, guaranteeing our products outstanding durability and the best value for money.

Get Farrier tools to sculpt horseshoes.

Horseshoes are those “U” shaped pieces recognized by many as a “sole” responsible for protecting the horse’s hoof because it prevents possible excessive wear and tears and protects against deterioration. It is a fundamental element for our horse.

The horseshoe is made of different materials such as iron or metal, rubber, leather or plastic, which is glued or nailed to the edge of the horse’s hooves. This piece was created in the 9th century and is generally a blacksmith, the skilled craftsman in carrying out the equine shoeing process.

Horseshoes have various forms of use that vary and depend not only on the horse’s hooves but also on the different activities that the animal performs, such as horse riding, work, racing, and the type of terrain on which it will move. It is essential to take care of the hooves of our horses. At Equine World, we are aware of the importance this has. That is why we offer you an extensive range of Farrier tools and accessories that will help you keep the shoe healthy.

1. What Does Chaps Stand For In Horses?

Horse Chaps are sturdy leg liners. They fit over trousers with an integrated belt, have no seat and do not meet at the crotch. They are designed to protect the legs and are generally made of leather or a similar material. In the Chaps Horse section, you will find leather, suede, and waterproof or waxed chaps for the supreme quality rider.

If you take a size too small, it will cause chafing and you will suffer pain throughout the working day. On the other hand, if they are too loose, the foot will not be well supported, thus reducing its effectiveness.

2. What Are Boot Chaps for?

Despite the benefits of Riding chaps, you may prefer to opt for Boot Chaps. You will also find a wide selection in our webshop. The Boot Chaps are very stylish, have a perfect fit, and provide a lot of support to your leg.

Once you’ve found the perfect riding boot chap, it will last for a long time, especially when it’s made of leather and you maintain it properly with one of our leather care products. They are quite high to protect the legs, with a pronounced toe, high heels so that they fit well in the stirrups and sometimes they carry spurs. With a suitable closure, we achieve greater stability and no foreign bodies will enter its interior.


3. What Do Riding Chaps Do?

Every traditional equestrian should wear Riding Chaps. Chaps became popular in the late 19th century. When they are dirty, wipe them with a damp cloth and do not store them in the locker or backpack until they are completely dry. You must keep them in places out of the reach of light and water. Use them only during working hours. Do not wear them to go out, as it will reduce their durability.

4. Are Chaps Good For Riding?

• You will prevent a large number of unnecessary accidents from occurring.
• You will work more comfortably.
• You will suffer less pain and strain.
• You will save money since this type of footwear is much more resistant and durable.

5. What Do Chaps Do In Horse Riding?

The Chaps were invented by the Spanish colonizers to protect their legs from the long bushes and their thorns, as well as from the barbed wire, while they rode. Horse Riding Chaps are usually made of leather and their length varies depending on the region. The original Riding Chaps consisted of a leather blanket that was held with a belt and that covered both legs.

Today, Horse Chaps are adopted by Equestrians all across the world. In short, you must wear Riding Chaps in case your work requires them. In this way, you will avoid suffering an unexpected scare and you will work more efficiently. The ideal is to choose resistant but light materials since we will spend many hours with this type of footwear.

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