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Riding Gloves

Faqs About Riding Gloves


Are you looking for horse riding gloves? Here you can find all kinds of  Horse riding gloves. In Equine World, we have a wide variety of riding outfits, horse riding clothes, horse riding gloves, and all kinds of horse riding gear so that you can find the best model for you.

In Equine World UK, you will find several models of horse riding gloves. It is recommended, when riding a horse, the use of riding gloves protects our hands from possible chafing with the reins.


Top-quality leather gloves UK


The riding gloves are made of leather designed with adherent reinforcements between the fingers and the palm to provide a better grip and prevent the reins from slipping. The gloves UK should be warm in winter and cool in summer. Discover our wide collection of horse riding clothes, including horse riding gloves: thin gloves for competition and winter. Also, check our selection of horse riding gloves child.


In the equestrian world, there has always been a great passion and admiration for horse riding. It is so much so that many generations have had the opportunity to enjoy such a great show. A unique and enriching fact that always demonstrates the diversity that exists in the sports field. However, to practice it, you must have good horse riding clothes and horse riding gloves; otherwise, you will be exposed to many injuries.


How to choose the ideal horse riding gloves

Do you want to find the perfect model of riding gloves for your hands? We help you. The first thing in a riding outfit to keep in mind is that gloves are an essential material for riding. They prevent the reins from rubbing and causing injuries to the hands. This type of  horse riding clothes is very important to be comfortable.

Advantages of buying horse riding gloves:

If what you are looking for is an innovative design, without doubt, leather gloves UK are one of the most popular gloves in the world of riding. The design incorporates a hybrid construction made with a part of the leather and the fabric. Made with soft leather, these gloves stand out for their premium construction, which gives them great style, modernity, and elegance. These gloves have a mesh for ventilation to be breathable and more comfortable to wear.


  • Modern and elegant
  • Adjustable closure straps ensure the gloves stay in place even though the most intense practices.
  • They are breathable and resistant
  • Their straps keep them in place even during the most intense jog.
  • Leather gloves UK offers superior strength
  • They offer an elegant and sophisticated style ideal for horseback riding shows
  • These gloves are easily machine washable
  • The velcro closure will keep them in place even during heavy movements
  • Stretch inserts provide a better feel
  • They are available in different colors


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For the summer, we recommend the finest mesh so that the hands perspire since they will sweat more with the heat. For winter, the polar fleeces transmit a heat that is good for not having cold hands, but leather or synthetic leather gloves UK is the best option for an optimal grip on the reins.


Importance of professional Horse riding clothes


Our collection of  horse riding clothes is designed to be used primarily in training or practice because these horse riding gear, specifically riding clothes and riding gloves, prioritize comfort over design. Without a doubt, horse riding clothes are one of the best options for beginners that are resistant, durable, and comfortable.


The diverse range of horse riding gloves  offers great comfort and high performance to help you improve the grip of the horse’s reins & Martingales without causing injury. The Velcro closure makes it easier to keep them in place, even when the horse is trotting hard over uneven ground. In addition, to improve their stability, riding gloves have elastic inserts on the wrists. The riding gloves are the perfect solution for all those who suffer constant hand injuries from the friction generated by the reins and the vibration produced by the horses.


Sizes and recommendations for riding gloves


Horse riding gloves provide you with security and take care of irritation to your hands when riding a horse. That is why, when choosing riding gloves, you must take into account many variables. For example, if they will protect you in an eventual fall, or when you are holding the rope on the animal, you do not get blisters on the fingers. These questions will allow you to obtain the best products.


To protect yourself from injury, your gloves UK need to be adjustable and adhere to the skin. Otherwise, you could be seriously injured. To avoid that, we recommend that you buy gloves that ensure greater sensitivity and comfort. As for the sizes of the horse riding gloves, it depends on the contour of your hand. Some vary in the following measures:


  • XXS (15 cm)
  • XS (16 cm)
  • S (17.5 cm)
  • M (19 cm)
  • L (20 cm)
  • XL (21.5 cm)
  • XXL (23 cm)

Are our horse riding gloves waterproof?

Yes, horse riding gloves these gloves are waterproof. They are gloves to ride for long hours in the rain, keeping our hands dry since they have a waterproof membrane. The design is intended to be entirely waterproof. The outer lining is made of soft material. The lining offers a soft and padded surface.


What is a running martingale?


Running martingale ensures your safety. it is useful to invest in some accessory that allows you to place the force of your horse’s pulls. If you ride a horse while holding the leash with your hands, you run the risk of several problems. With a running martingale, a horde of problems can be avoided.


What are horse riding gloves for?


Riding gloves are very useful to avoid calluses and rubbing caused by the reins of the horse. Also, in winter, gloves always protect us from the cold and prevent our skin from cracking.


If we ride horses quite often, we will appreciate the use of horse riding gloves. And neither is any type of gloves valid. They must be tight and elastic, comfortable, and above all, and most importantly, have a good grip that allows us to grip the reins well, preventing them from slipping away.


Can you wash horse riding gloves?


Yes, you can wash them in the machine at 30 degrees.


What kind of gloves should I wear for horse riding?


To practice horse riding, you must have the necessary security before doing any activity. First of all, for the rider’s protection, you need horse riding clothes like leather horse boots, pants, horse riding helmets (they must be light), and horse riding gloves.


Riding gloves are of vital importance as they will allow you to have more grips. You can get these in different textures, but the most recommended are made of velcro and leather gloves UK.


Riding gloves can be found in different models. There are them for winter and summer. The two are used in different seasons, but they are very helpful when using them. If we are in places where the weather temperature is very low, we recommend using thick textured gloves.

You can find them in our store, and they are differentiated by their contrast stitching, button closure, and brown color.


On the other hand, our online platform offers you unisex gloves with a unique and elegant design if the temperatures are very high. They are made with Velcro material that provides you with comfort when putting them on. To wash your riding gloves, you must bear in mind that you cannot use very strong chemicals. In that case, we recommend a wet wipe to clean them. This way, you avoid some risks.


To practice this sport, you only need passion and affection for it. Of course, you will always have to look for the best products if you want better results. Many platforms offer you so much variety that they make your choice somewhat difficult. However, it is up to you to choose the best option that the market offers you.


Why buy horse riding clothes in Equine World

At Equine World, choose the best model of horse riding clothes and horse riding gloves for your training sessions and thus improve your performance since the hands have to be well protected when riding.


Horse riding gloves are designed to make riding much more comfortable; these gloves will protect your hands from injuries and blisters caused by constant riding. Their design makes the practice of sport unaffected, in addition to providing a very modern style.


The riding gloves offer you great durability and resistance. This material guarantees to have flexible gloves, which will allow you to have a super grip and provide a modern and quite elegant style. Its adjustable closure straps allow you to easily adjust the gloves to your wrist, regardless of the movement of the horse shaking them. The pattern of the gloves not only makes the grip the best, but it will also allow you to have a pleasant experience, thanks to the fact that these gloves are breathable.

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