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Of all the equipment necessary for horse Riding Hat, riding helmets is the most important of all. That is why it is crucial to buy the fitting helmet to practice equestrian sport safely.


What are riding hat called?

Are you looking for the best horse riding helmets?  Welcome to the equestrian helmets and Riding Hat section at Equine World! If you are an equestrian lover and passionate about everything related to outdoor activities, you are in the right place. Find the perfect horse riding helmet & Riding Hat  among our selection of the best equestrian brands. We are committed to continuously working with the best manufacturers to guarantee the riding hat you are looking for.


If in doubt, experiment with different brands to find the one that’s right for you. If it squeezes your forehead but moves sideways, that means the riding hat is too round for your head.

If it fits comfortably on the sides but moves front to back, then it is too oval for your head, wear Riding Hat


Make sure there is some room around your temples, as leaving some space at this point will prevent headaches, especially if you wear your helmet & Riding Hat for extended periods (for example, more than an hour).


Is a Riding Hat essential for riding?


Well, the answer is yes. We must not forget that horse Riding Hat is a sport with a good number of risks. Even veterans with many years of practice are aware of the dangers of practicing this sport without the equipment and adequate security measures. Yes, a wrong maneuver or an unexpected horse reaction can put us in a hurry, but that the animal itself is capable of falling and slipping, which can entail considerable risk, primarily if it occurs during the jump or infield. Also, check our catalogue of running martingales.


What kind of helmet do I need for horse riding?

While a riding helmet or Riding Hat  will help minimize damage, it only works for its design, so getting an excellent all-around kit is essential. Of course, the Riding Hat skull cap is not the only safety measure you should adopt (suitable Horse boots, for example, are almost as necessary). But it is considered the most crucial piece of safety because it protects the head with Riding Hat. You can look for a Horze apex crystal helmet for a high-quality crystal helmet/ Riding Hat


 Is it a horse Riding Hat or helmet?

Horseback riding/ Riding Hat is a great experience that we recommend to everyone. However, as in any other sport, we have to emphasize that it has to be done safely and responsibly. A horse riding helmet is something you should not skimp on, but in this case, a high price does not always translate into better quality. It is better to look at its design and the materials from which it is made. A riding that provides the necessary protection. In a fall or a blow to the head, a Riding Hat  may cushion the impact effectively.


If you have questions about riding helmets or Riding Hat for sale or even horse bits, get in touch with us. We have riding helmets from the best brands at a great price. In our shop, you will find riding hats champion in many different styles that are attractive, comfortable, and suitable for riding safely. We also recommend Race quip Riding Hat and Troxel helmets.

What is the best Riding Hat?

Did you just search “Riding Hat near me”? At Equine World, we know how important safety is for you. That is why we offer you a wide variety of horse Riding Hat. The Riding Hat should be mandatory in any discipline and whenever we are mounted on horseback. Head protection must be perfectly adjusted so that it does not move in the event of a fall.

What is the most protective horse riding helmet?


An equestrian clothing must fit correctly with three or four fixing points on the chinstrap. The helmet must be of your size and fit perfectly to the rider’s head and the rider. It must have air channels that constantly breathe and renew the air. And it must also be comfortable, that it is sufficiently padded.


That is why we provide in all our helmets the measurement of the diameter in centimeters. The way to correctly measure the head’s contour is to bypass the tape measure around the skull, following the line just above the eyebrows and ears. Many of the helmets have an adjustable device that allows them to be widened or narrowed so that you can play with a few centimeters of margin.


All our riding hat and helmet models are homologated under CE regulations and have fixing points. In addition, the helmets are equipped with efficient ventilation systems that, through air intakes, guarantee optimal ventilation. Many models also feature removable, padded liners that can be washed and put back on the helmet. Discover all the models and find the riding helmet that fits you well.


We also put at your disposal horse bridles and all kinds of accessories related to equestrian helmets, such as a helmet cover, deodorant, cleaner, or visor. Discover all the products we have on offer and equip yourself safely at the best price and quality.



When choosing the riding helmet, you must take into account:


It must cover the entire head; there must be no gaps between the helmet or the riding hat and the rider’s head.


The visor should be about two centimeters above the eyebrows, thus covering the front of the head and allowing excellent vision.


The strap can go with or without a chin guard. If it has a protector, it is better. It should not be too tight. Otherwise, it will bother the rider.


Once the horse riding helmet has been chosen, to check whether or not we have hit the mark with the size, we must move the head from left to right, up and down, checking at all times that it is still placed straight, well placed.



Who makes the best horse riding helmets?



Riding helmets could save your life. For all riders, this is the most essential piece of equipment they will ever buy. A riding helmet is one of the main elements when doing any of the equestrian disciplines. In the Equine World store, you will find different models, materials, and colors. Most of our helmets are made of high-density fiberglass lined with microfiber. We have the best horse riding helmets that offer maximum safety for the rider’s head and neck.


A riding helmet must be used whenever we ride, without exception. All the equestrian helmets that we have in store are approved. The riding helmet should be comfortable, fit correctly, and with good breathability. Also, make it pleasant, make us look good.


Why buy riding helmets from us?


Our online equestrian store is your best option, whether you are looking for a horse riding helmet for dressage, jumping, cross, or raid. Our team is at your disposal to advise and accompany you during your search for the perfect riding helmet without leaving your home! We help you find that helmet that meets your aesthetic, economic, and safety needs.

If you do not find the product you are looking for, contact us – we will always try to leave you satisfied.

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